Woggles, Arm Bands or Swimfin? Which One Is Best?

There are a huge range of swimming aids to help children and adults to swim. All have different benefits, however which one is the best option to aid with swimming? Here we compare three of the most popular swimming aids around.


Swimming woggles, or noodles as they are sometimes referred to, are not only useful swimming aids, but they are fun too. They are a great aid, as they can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance confidence in the water.
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Swimming woggles can be used as a swim ring or float, and allow people to move very freely in the water, as they offer a natural, flexible support. In addition to being the perfect swimming aid, woggles can also be used for pool games, water training and aquarobics classes.


Arm bands are a popular and timeless swimming aid for children. They are easy to use, easy to store and great for young children as they may not be able to keep hold of a float or woggle. Compared to woggles, arm bands, perhaps do restrict the movement of the arms somewhat, however, they do allow freedom of movement in the legs, and encourage your face to enter the water a little, allowing children’s water confidence the opportunity to grow.
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The Swimfin is another great aid for young children, however it is not suitable for babies. It is fitted onto the back of the child, offering them a natural buoyancy, with complete freedom of movement of both the arms and legs. The Swimfin can be used with other swim aids to build up confidence, and on it’s own when ready. Swimmers can become reliant upon the Swimfin if used for too long, so it is important that it is used correctly.
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All of the above swimming aids have their place on the market, with each offering different benefits in the journey of water confidence and learning to swim. The key is to use the correct aid at the correct point of this journey.

Children should always be supervised in the water, even with the addition of these swimming aids.


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