Why Is Swimming The Best Physical Activity For Your Child?

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, we all know this. It is a great way for children to have fun, whilst also improving their physical fitness.

Low Impact, Top Results

Swimming is kind to the joints, due to the fact that the water takes your weight. There’s no heavy impact or shock to the body, meaning less risk of injury to children’s joints and bones. Despite this low risk of injury, swimming is still a great cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart and lung function. It also strengthens muscles all over your body, improves flexibility and enhances endurance. Swimming is a great way to prevent childhood obesity.

Good For The Mind

Swimming is a great way to clear the mind once they become water confident, which is great for anxious children, because you can concentrate on the strokes and movements in a non-competitive way. It is also great for coordination as children learn how to coordinate their arms and legs simultaneously, to keep them afloat.


Aside from the wonderful aspects of the mind and body, swimming is also a life saving skill. By being confident in the water, you can prevent your chances of drowning, and even save someone else’s life. Research suggests that one out of every five people who die from drowning each year, are under 14 years old. This is a shocking statistic and highlights the fact that we need to get our children swimming as early as possible.


Children love to achieve. They love to be praised and have something to show for their efforts. Swimming badges and certificates are a great plus point for youngsters, encouraging them to keep trying and showing them how far they have come. Swimming is a sport where you can compete with yourself, or with others if you choose, so you can tailor each challenge to the particular child.

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