What Equipment is Essential to Learn Swimming?

Learning to swim is one of the most important skills we can have. Not only is swimming fun and a good form of low-impact exercise, knowing how to swim can save a life one day. For some, swimming comes naturally, but for others, swimming instruction is needed. There are a wide range of swimming lessons to choose from and it is best to choose the one that your child is comfortable with. Before they can even get in the water, there are some essentials they will need to make their swimming lessons more effective and to make them a better swimmer.

Starting with the basics and moving towards the more advanced, here is our list of equipment needed to learn swimming:

Swimsuit: a swimsuit is an obvious requirement for learning swimming and it should be designed in such a way as to make swimming easier and not create too much drag.

Swim cap: some public pools require swimmers to wear a swim cap so this is a good piece of gear to have. A swim cap can also be used to keep long hair out of the swimmer’s face while in the water.

Swimming Goggles: a good pair of swimming goggles can make learning how to swim easier and a lot more fun. The new swimmer will be more relaxed about going under water.

Kick board: swimmers learning the basics of most beginning swimming strokes can benefit from a kick board as it will help keep their upper body afloat while enabling them to practice their kicking. This is especially useful for more timid swimmers who need to build up some confidence.

Swim fins: swim fins can make new swimmers more efficient in the water and help them to learn certain strokes much easier. Short swim fins are best as they put less strain on the child’s legs.

Pull Buoys: Pull buoys are figure-eight shaped flotation devices made of foam that the swimmer puts between their legs. It provides enough buoyancy so that swimmers don’t need to do leg work and it is especially useful to teach arm motions.

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