Swimming in an Endless Pool

What are Endless Pools?

Swimming in the UK is something that is instilled in many of us from a young age. Whether that is playing in the pool as a child or making regular trips to your local swimming pool to swim several lengths before work as an adult, whatever it may be, we have a real passion for it.

Of course, we cannot always get to the pool when we want to and that is extremely frustrating for those who rely on swimming as their main form of exercise. In fact, swimming is not just used for exercise because it is also used for rehabilitation and that again can prove frustrating if the pool is not accessible. Therefore, there is a solution for those who really want to add swimming into their lives and make it more accessible than ever before. This solution is the Endless Pool.

There are many people who have not heard of endless pools and so, the aim of this article is to provide an insight into what they are and how they can benefit those who have one.

What is an Endless Pool?

We all know how big public swimming pools can be as they often range from 25 metres in length to 50 metres in length, making them perfect for those who like to swim longer distances. However, for those who want to install a pool with very little space, a pool of this size is simply not practical. In fact, even a 10 metre pool is not sufficient enough and so, an Endless Pool is a great choice.

An Endless Pool is small and you might wonder how you will even fit in it, let alone swim but this is where it is extremely unique. It has a small, modular design which makes it ideal for small indoor spaces and even outdoor spaces and it is ideal for the British climate. Installation is simple as all components can fit through doorways and stairs, making them a possibility for all. So, if you have a basement, garage, conservatory or a small outdoor space, an Endless Pool could be the right choice for you.

An Endless Pool, despite its size, enables users to swim like they would in a pool or even in the sea. This is because it has broad and deep current that can be adjusted to different swimming abilities, speeds and strokes. The current allows swimmers to remain in the same position while swimming against the current. This is why the pool is small but it also means that swimmers will benefit from the same kind of resistance and buoyancy that they would experience when swimming in a normal pool.

As the pools are small and compact, they use fewer resources and energy when compared to traditional pools. However, what is more important is that they allow people to keep fit, continue rehabilitation or simply relax from the comfort of their own home.

The Benefits

Understanding the benefits will provide a clear understanding of just how important and practical an Endless Pool can be.

They make it possible to swim all year round, regardless of the weather while there is no need to make journeys to your local swimming pool or health club to swim.

Installation is very easy, while maintenance is simple and they cost a lot less than many imagine.

So, it is clear to see that Endless Pools have a real use. They are practical, clever in design and simply enable people to swim without the need of sufficiently sized pool.


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