Why Should You Wear A Swimming Cap?

Swimming caps are sometimes optional, sometimes compulsory, depending on where you swim. Some pools make swim caps a must to protect pool filters from becoming clogged with hair. But if you have the option of wearing or not wearing a swimming cap, why should we opt to wear one?

 What Is A Swimming Cap?

 A swimming cap is a tightly fitted cap to be worn in the water by competitive and recreational swimmers. They are often made from silicone, latex or lycra, and referred to as swimming or bathing caps.

 What Are The Benefits?

 There are several reasons why people choose to wear swim caps. Some people like to try to keep their hair dry, and protect their hair from the chlorine or from the sun. This helps to keep hair healthy, especially for those who swim regularly.

 A swim cap can also help to keep a swimmer’s head warm on longer swim sessions, meaning the wearer will tire less because they conserve more energy as their body remains at an optimum temperature during exercise.

Competitive swimmers keep their hair in a cap to prevent the drag which long hair can cause. This drag can slow them down, so keeping hair out the way can help to rid of those extra vital seconds.

 One of the more common reasons for swim caps to be worn by children is to protect the ears. This can help to prevent ear infection, and prevent water getting into the ears, especially if worn with ear plugs.

Ultimately, it is up to you whether you choose to wear a swimming cap or not, unless the facilities specify. However, there certainly seem to be more pros for wearing one than not. So try some for size and see which cap takes your fancy.

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