Private Pools VS Public Pools

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Many of us don’t have the luxury of having access to a private pool, and so probably rarely consider the pros and cons between the two. However, if you could choose which you would prefer to use and why?


Public pools can often be busier than private pools, especially during peak times. Public pools, even when split into lane swimming sessions, can still be frustrating when you get stuck behind someone, or when you are being overtaken by someone in the incorrect lane. This can negatively impact the quality of your swim, as it can be harder to swim efficiently when you need to adapt your pace to match someone else’s.


Private pools can be available whenever you require them to be, however a public pool usually has set open hours. This can prove inconvenient if the opening hours don’t suit your schedule. People who work shifts or unsociable hours are often unable to commit to regular sessions because of this inflexibility of timing.


Due to the sheer volume of traffic at a public pool, changing rooms and the pools themselves are often less clean than private pools. People often don’t shower when entering a swimming pool, meaning they contaminate the water with lose hair, lotions, sweat and other bodily excretions. In a private pool, it is far easier to monitor who is entering and exiting, and also easier to insist on showering.

This leads to less bacteria, resulting in less risks of germs and illness in a private pool, than a public pool.

In addition to the reasons above, there’s also the benefit of more controlled chlorine levels, ensuring less germs and less risk of lung problems. The negative aspects would include a potential lack of lifeguards and inability to meet new people.

Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy provides swimming lessons only in private pools. Why not to take this advantage and sign up for your free trial lesson?




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