How To Deal With Fear Of Water

Research suggests that the younger generation are more likely than any other to date, to develop a fear of water, because of their lack of experience and confidence with swimming. Being scared of water limits fun time on holidays: playing in the sea and the pool, and also puts you at a high risk of drowning. Before you can learn to swim, you need to deal with your fear, which can be difficult, but not impossible.

Start Slowly

Despite the expression, there is no need to throw yourself in at the deep end. Instead, start gradually, by dangling your feet into the water, and then begin to go deeper when you feel ready. You can then build up to splashing your face whilst you are standing in the water, and eventually put your face into the water and begin to blow bubbles.

Be kind to yourself and be proud of each small achievement. Any fear is hard to conquer, but by encouraging yourself and pushing yourself gently, you can overcome anything. Just remember to take things slowly, this isn’t a rush, and any progress is good.


 Once you have become more comfortable with being immersed, you can practice holding onto the side of the pool and gently kicking your legs. Keep your breath even and your movements gentle to keep your heart rate and stress levels low.

You’re Not Alone

We all have fears and insecurities. You are not the only person who struggles to swim. Adam Peaty, the Rio 2016 Olympic Gold Medal Winner, used to be afraid of the water. He faced his fears and overcame this phobia, and ended up being a champion in a sport he could quite easily have never attempted.


So take that first step and remember, anything is possible.

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