image1 The Benefits of Video Recording Your Child’s Swim Lessons

Are you a visual learner? Does seeing something being done teach you more than reading about it in a book or hearing someone talk about it? A recent study conducted by the Social Science Research Network shows that over 65% of the people tested were visual learners. Whether you are learning how to cook, how to repair your car or if you are learning a new skill such as how to swim, visual learning methods are more effective and efficient. This is especially true for children as they like to be more involved in what they are doing anyway.

Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy believes that video recording of swim lessons can help the student learn faster and become a much stronger swimmer. There are many benefits to video recording your child’s swim lessons and we have decided to share them here with you today and show you that video recording can be an important tool in your child’s learning.


Video recording provides instant feedback that the student can use to see their mistakes and correct them. If they are weak in one area, they can see that weakness and find ways to improve it.


Video recording also enables you and your child to track their progress. If you video record their lessons over a period of time, they can see how well their skills have developed and how much they have learned. This can serve as motivation for them to learn new skills both in and out of the water. They will see how far they have come and realise that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Form and Bad Habits

If your child has bad form or some bad habits, they can see them better than they can hear you talk about them. If you show them on the video recording where they need to improve, they will be able to correct their form and break those habits.

Regularly providing your child with video analysis of their swim lessons can provide a wide range of benefits from improving their form to preventing injury. Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy offers video recording for our students enabling them to become stronger swimmers in less time.