If you know someone who is a keen swimmer, purchasing them a swimming based gift will leave them feeling extremely happy. Of course, it will show them that you know exactly what they enjoy doing and it will have them diving into the pool as soon as they have opened their gift. To find out about some of the great gifts you could buy swimmers, look below.

Waterproof Activity Tracker

These days, tracking your fitness is all the rage for those who have an interest in keeping fit and tracking their progress. For decades, swimmers have had to rely on basic knowledge to understand their progress but now they can use activity trackers to breakdown their swimming sessions. Activity trackers can count the number of laps they complete as well as the distance they cover. It can also assess the efficiency of their stroke and show them pointers of how to put it right. It makes it possible for individuals to get the most from their time in the water as well as customise their workouts.
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This is an exciting idea for swimmers who are committed to swimming and tracking how they progress. If they are an individual who trains outside of the pool then it is a gift that has a number of uses.

Funky Trunks Elite Squad Backpack
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The Funky Trunks Elite Squad Backpack is a great gift for those people who like to take their swimming seriously but also keep their belongings organised. The backpack comes with a fabric lined goggle pocket, a waterproof base for wet trunks, a pocket for your laptop and a cooler bag to keep food and drink cool while you train. This is perfect for swimmers who hit the indoor pool or the open water because it simply fits in with your needs.

Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror Goggle
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These goggles have been designed by top athletes and so, they are FINA approved. The Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirror goggle has IQ technology, which gives them a superb fit that is leak resistant and secure while the sleek, hydrodynamic design reduces drag. The goggles also come with anti-fog, interchangeable nose bridges, UV protection, straps that can be customised and 180-degree vision.

Underwater Audio – Waterproof iPod Shuffle Headphone Bundle
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While any other form of training can almost be done with some great music, swimming has always been a little different but now, it is possible to put your MP3 player into a case and begin swimming. For those swimmers who have an iPod shuffle, they can cover it using the case when swimming and then control it using the case. As a result of the design, it does not get in the way of the swim stroke leaving you free to swim and listen to some inspirational music at the same time.


This is one of those gifts that is aimed at those swimmers who take their time in the water seriously. It is a training aid and is very clever in the way that the socks help to create additional drag in the water. This can increase leg power and improve technique, which can improve the overall experience in the water when training.

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